E-Equinox (12)


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440 Hz


E G B C D E F# G B C D E

Number of notes




incl. Evatek Hardcase

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The new generation Halo+ from Pantheon Steel sets unprecedented standards

The iconic Halo sound is taken to a completely different level by the new design and layout. The Ding or the lowest note of the Halo+ is on the outer circle, creating space for 4 additional high notes. The extended scale of the Halo thus creates a completely new Handpan. Pantheon Steel’s Kyle Cox already set new standards with the flagship Halo, and now the Halo+ adds another sound innovation to the Handpan world.
Halo+ is for those who want to get more out of their Halo.

The Handpans are shipped free of charge with DHL and are insured. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Scale video

Please use headphones for better sound quality.

Pantheon Steel - Halo

United States
Kyle Cox

Pantheon Steel was founded in 2004 by Kyle Cox, an experienced steel drum builder. Kyle was one of the first handpan.... All infos about Pantheon Steel - Halo