Evatek AIRTEK®


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Roan Rouge, Woodbine, Black, Stone wash

Weight 1,5 kg

Evatek AIRTEK® Medium

(50% air inside) External dimensions: Diameter 58 cm x height: 30 cm

(100% air inside) Outer dimensions: Diameter 61 cm x height: 34 cm

Inflatable Handpan Bag AIRTEK®

  • Ultralight & safe (through Air technology)
  • Compact and 100% foldable
  • Comfortable due to Air technology
  • Faster inflation and deflation of the air (self-inflating system)
  • Lighter than a soft bag and strong like a semi-hard case
  • Perfect protection for your handpan when traveling in the airplane cabin (hand luggage)
  • Replaceable air cushion


Alessio Massi

The idea of Evatek Hardcase originated from a personal need of Alessio. On his travels he looked for protection for his Handpan - and then everything went.... All infos about Evatek